First Look at ‘1984’ Remake ‘Equals’ Starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult

Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions has released the first official photo from their upcoming sci-fi romantic drama Equals, starring Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver.

In the movie photo, Stewart and Hoult dare to embrace in the stylized re-imagining of George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

Directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), ‘Equals’ is set in a totalitarian future society where emotions have been eradicated, but a disease can cause them to return.

George Orwell’s groundbreaking novel was adapted for the big screen in the science fiction film “1984” (1984). ‘Equals’ opens in theaters in 2015.

Equals movie photo

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