The Bible Code

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Relativity Media has acquired the rights to author Michael Drosnin’s New York Times best selling ‘Bible Code’ series. The books are based on a 3000 year-old code in the Bible found by a top Israeli scientist and given the thumbs up by a senior code breaker at the US National Security Agency.

movie posterRelease Date: TBA
Studio: Relativity Media
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Adaptation
Director: Unknown
Screenwriter: Unknown
Cast: Unknown
Running Time: Unknown
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Plot Summary

Broken by an Israeli mathematician, a hidden 3,000-year-old code encrypted in the Bible foresaw the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the Oklahoma City bombing, the election of Bill Clinton, and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. What does the code reveal about the future of our world?

Relativity Media has acquired the rights to author Michael Drosnin’s very popular “Bible Code” series. Relativity’s deal includes the New York Times best seller “The Bible Code”, “Bible Code II: The Countdown” and “Bible Code III: Saving the World”. Relativity has high hopes for this popular series and plans to release the first as a tentpole movie in 2012.

Movie Trailers

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