The Pyramid

Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O’Hare and James Buckley star in the horror thriller The Pyramid. Watch the movie trailer and view the poster below. A team of U.S. archaeologists become lost in the dark and endless catacombs of an ancient pyramid buried beneath the Egyptian desert.

movie posterRelease Date: December 5, 2014
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: Grégory Levasseur
Screenwriter: Daniel Meersand, Nick Simon
Cast: Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O’Hare, James Buckley, Daniel Amerman, Christa-Marie Nicola, Amir K.
Running Time: 1 hr. 29 min.
MPAA Rating: R for some horror violence and bloody images.
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Plot Summary

The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who’ve dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists get more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted.

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