Cheadle is a ‘Traitor’ on DVD

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TraitorDon Cheadle’s international thriller coming to DVD.

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment will release the thriller ‘Traitor’ on DVD and Blu-ray December 19th. Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the film stars stars Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce and Jeff Daniels.

When straight arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton heads up the investigation into a dangerous international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn. A mysterious figure with a web of connections to terrorist organizations, Horn has a knack for emerging on the scene just as a major operation goes down. The inter-agency task force looking into the case meets with Carter, a veteran CIA contractor who seemingly has his own agenda and Max Archer, a fellow FBI agent.

The task force links Horn to a prison break in Yemen, a bombing in Nice and a raid in London, but a tangle of contradictory evidence emerges, forcing Clayton to question whether his quarry is a disaffected former military operative — or something far more complicated. Obsessed with discovering the truth, Clayton tracks Horn across the globe as the elusive ex-soldier burrows deeper and deeper into a world of shadows and intrigue.

The ‘Traitor’ DVD will include an audio commentary, behind the scenes footage of stunts, special effects, exotic locations, and more.

The Blu-ray edition will include:

  • Audio commentary with writer/director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Actor Don Cheadle
  • Action! The Stunts And Special Effects of Traitor
  • International Espionage: An In-Depth Look at Traitor’s Exotic Locations
  • Theatrical trailer
  • BD-Live enabled
  • Digital Copy


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