Afro Samurai: The Live Action Feature

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Samuel L. Jackson is set to make a live-action 'Afro Samurai' movie based on the popular anime series and manga by Takashi Okazaki. Jackson voiced Afro and his self-appointed "Road Dog" Ninja Ninja in the animated mini-series that aired on Spike TV. The theatrical film is being produced by The Indomina Group, Jackson and Gonzo Studios, the company behind the TV series. The story follows Afro Samurai, a black samurai, who seeks revenge from a man named Justice who killed his father and happens to be the #1 fighter in the world.

Afro Samurai movie posterRelease Date: TBA
Studio: The Indomina Group
Genre: Action, Adaptation
Director: Unknown
Screenwriter: Unknown
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson
Running Time: Unknown
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Plot Details

"Afro Samurai" is an epic tale of a black samurai's hunt for Justice. As a boy, Afro Samurai saw his father beheaded by the maniacal Justice. The murderer sought an ancient headband that marks the wearer as the #1 warrior in the world. As an adult, Afro seeks only revenge, cutting down anyone who blocks his path. "Afro Samurai" blends traditional Japanese culture, funky technology and hip-hop.

Movie Trailers

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