Amityville: The Awakening Trailer Arrives Starring Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan

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Dimension Films has released the first Amityville: The Awakening trailer. Watch the movie trailer below!

Based on the 1977 book and 1979 film, The Amityville Horror remake stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne and Cameron Monaghan.

Jennifer Jason Leigh (Single White Female) plays a single mother who unknowingly moves her family of two daughters and ill son into the infamous Amityville house.

Bella Thorne (Blended, The DUFF) plays Belle, a rebellious goth teen who witnesses much of the strange happenings in the house of horrors. Cameron Monaghan (Showtime's Shameless, The Giver) is James, Belle's terminally ill brother who becomes possessed by demonic forces.

Amityville: The Awakening hits theaters on January 2, 2015.

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