Apple Announces Gold MacBook, HBO Now and Details Apple Watch

At today's Spring Forward Event in San Francisco, Apple Inc. announced an ultra-thin gold colored MacBook, the latest details for its Apple Watch and HBO Now, a standalone streaming service for Apple customers.

Here are some highlights:

New MacBook Features:
The new MacBook is the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever at 13.1mm thin and 2lb light.
New Colors: The new version of the MacBook will come in Gold, Silver and Space Grey.
Retina Display: The 12-inch Retina display on the new MacBook has 2304 x 1440 pixel resolution.
Force Touch Trackpad: The new pressure-sensitive trackpad is engineered to deliver haptic feedback — a tactile vibration from the trackpad that adds the sense of touch to what you see on the screen.
Fanless: No fan is needed to cool the new MacBook, so it runs silently and without any moving parts.
USB‑C port: The new all-in-one USB‑C port replaces the USB, HDMI, VGA, display and power ports in a small, reversible design that's one-third the size of the current USB port.Apple Watch Features:
The Apple Watch will be available April 24. The "Apple Watch," "Watch Sport" and "Watch Edition" vary in price depending on size and features.
Faces: Choose a face and customize it however you like. Add more functionality. Switch colors and see even more detail, such as minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.
Stay in Touch: Send and receive messages, calls, and mail. You'll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message.
Connect to other watches.
Apps: WeChat, Health & Fitness, Instagram, Uber and SPG Keyless/W Hotel apps are available.
Heart Rate Sensor: The Apple Watch can collect data about your physical activity from your wrist.
Sketch: Use your finger to draw something quickly. Your friend on the other end can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you.
Charge: Apple Watch lasts 18 hours on a charge.

HBO Now Features:
With HBO Now, you get instant access to every episode of every season of HBO's award-winning original shows and Hollywood blockbusters for $14.99 a month.
How to Watch: HBO's standalone subscription service will launch this April on Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
How to Subscribe: Subscribe to HBO right from your Apple TV or iOS device — no cable or satellite subscription required.
One Month Free: Customers will get a free month if they sign up from an Apple device during the April launch.

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