Back to the Future Part II USA Today Edition Made Available Online

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On Thursday, one day after the world paid tribute to Marty McFly during on Back to the Future Day, the special edition of USA Today that recreated the front page seen in Back to the Future Part II sold out in record time across the country.

The paper was stacked with jokes about the film, from a reference to Jaws 19 to a subtle pun about real-life Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis adapting George McFly's sci-fi novel. According to a USA Today representative, the special edition paper sold over 17,000 copies through the paper's online store alone. Additionally, special edition papers in the original wrapping have been going for as much as $600 on eBay.

"Back to the Future refuses to fade away," star Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in the film, told EW. "I saw it last night, and I have to say it seems fresh and contemporary, not 1985, 1986. It has a lot of laughs." Source: EW

Take a peek at the front page below:


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