Guess Where an Original Star Wars Script was Discovered

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Kristian Brown, a University of New Brunswick librarian in Saint John, recently came across an original 1976 shooting script for George Lucas' original Star Wars.

Brown discovered the script for 'Star Wars: Saga I' (later retitled 'Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope') when he was digitizing the university's science fiction collection of zines, pulp magazines and novels.

"I was just looking actually for something else entirely and then I just found this unique looking item," Brown said.

The script's blue cover is officially stamped by Lucasfilm Ltd.

The date of the fourth draft revised script is March 15, 1976 a year before the film's 1977 theatrical release date.

Brown is not as concerned about its monetary value, as he is of its worth as a piece of pop-culture treasure.

"No matter how many new things are made, it all basically came from this first thing. And it's just good to look back at the origins of the entire thing and not forget, you know, what came first," he said. Source: CBC

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