More Watchmen DVD News was the first website to announce the release of 'Watchmen' on DVD and Blu-ray, you can read that article here. We now have confirmation of the 'Watchmen Director's Cut' disc features we previously reported and more announcements. View the Watchmen DVD and Blu-ray cover art.

Warner Bros. plans to sync up "friend" networks on Facebook with the interactive community-screening features of Warners' Blu-ray Disc releases, starting with the release of "Watchmen Director's Cut" using the BD-Live interactive feature on high-def discs. What does that mean? This will allow 'Watchmen' Blu-ray disc purchasers to view the film simultaneously and share comments with their Facebook friends.

As I reported back in April, the studio will make use of "The In-Movie Experience" where the director can enter the screen on your cue and comment on the action or point out key elements of the scene while the film is playing. Dubbed "Warner Bros. Maximum Movie Mode" This feature will allow split-screen viewing of "Watchmen" to focus on elements in director Zack Snyder's on-camera commentary.

"Watchmen" will be released simultaneously in late July on DVD and Blu-ray. Warner Bros. confirms the theatrical version will be released on standard disc and there will be no bonus features.

"Watchmen" also will bow simultaneously on various digital platforms. Those include On Demand pay-per-view availability through digital cable, satellite TV and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles.

PPV offerings will be limited to the theatrical version of the film. "Watchmen Director's Cut" will be available day-and-date via iTunes and Amazon on Demand.

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