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Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse Delayed Indefinitely. Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's sci-fi novel Robopocalypse has been delayed indefinitely due to script and budget concerns. "We found that the film was costing a lot of money," Spielberg explained, "I'm starting on a new script and we'll have this movie back on its feet soon." The filmmaker acquired the rights to the book in 2009, before it was published. Robopocalypse was scheduled for an April 25, 2014 release with actors Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw attached to star. The film will focus on a band of humans who try to survive after sentient machines take over the world.

Robopocalypse movie poster
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Studio: Touchstone Pictures (Disney), DreamWorks
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Adaptation
  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Screenwriter: Drew Goddard
  • Official Website:
  • Official Facebook: Archos R-14
  • Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Ben Whishaw, Anne Hathaway
  • Running Time: Unknown
  • MPAA Rating: Not yet rated


Not far into our future, the dazzling technology that runs our world turns against us. Controlled by a childlike—yet massively powerful—artificial intelligence known as Archos, the global network of machines on which our world has grown dependent suddenly becomes an implacable, deadly foe. At Zero Hour—the moment the robots attack—the human race is almost annihilated, but as its scattered remnants regroup, humanity for the first time unites in a determined effort to fight back.

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