Sam Raimi Directing 'The Shadow'?

The ShadowFollowing the Spider-Man 4 debacle, all eyes were on World of Warcraft as Sam Raimi's next potential gig behind the camera. But IESB are reporting that an inside source at Camp Raimi reckons the director may well opt for The Shadow, before galloping off to Azeroth.

All so much hearsay of course, but maybe, just maybe, there's something in it. Raimi was already attached to The Shadow as a producer, and Warcraft isn't yet written, while Siavash Farahanl handed in the second draft of his Shadow script in the second half of last year.

As a lower-rung hero – at least in terms of general moviegoer recognition – The Shadow isn't necessarily a huge undertaking, meaning Raimi could possibly bring some of his back-to-basics Drag Me to Hell approach to the material. If that was taking us back to the Evil Dead days, maybe this could hark back to Darkman.

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