Stonehearst Asylum Trailer: The Inmates are Running the Asylum

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Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley and Kate Beckinsale star in the thriller Stonehearst Asylum, based on the short story 'The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether' by Edgar Allan Poe. Check out the movie trailer below. A new doctor (Sturgess) becomes obsessed with a mental patient named Eliza Graves (Beckinsale) while working at a mental asylum that's been taken over by the inmates.

Stonehearst Asylum movie posterRelease Date: October 24, 2014 (limited)
Studio: Millennium Entertainment
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Adaptation
Director: Brad Anderson
Screenwriter: Joe Gangemi
Cast: Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Caine, Brendan Gleeson, David Thewlis
Running Time: Unknown
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Plot Summary

A recent medical school grad who takes a position at a mental institution soon finds himself taken with one of his colleagues, though he has no initial idea of a recent, horrifying staffing change.

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