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Super Movie Trailer and Clip. See Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson as a do-it-yourself superhero in the movie trailer for 'Super'. After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, though he lacks for heroic skills.

Super movie poster
  • Release Date: April 1, 2011 (NY, LA)
  • On Demand: April 13, 2011
  • Studio: IFC Films
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Director: James Gunn
  • Screenwriter: James Gunn
  • Official Website:
  • Starring: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, Linda Cardellini
  • Running Time: 1 hr. 36 min.
  • MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Plot Details

In the outlandish dark comedy SUPER, James Gunn has created what is perhaps the definitive take on self-reflexive superheroes. When sad-sack loser Frank (Rainn Wilson) sees his ex-addict wife (Liv Tyler) willingly snatched by a seductive drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), he finds himself bereft and wholly unable to cope. But, inspired shortly after by fictional man-made superheroes of lore, he decides to fight back under the guise of a DIY crimefighter, the Crimson Bolt. With a hand-made suit, a wrench, and a crazed sidekick named Boltie (Ellen Page), the Crimson Bolt beats his way through the mean streets of crime in hopes of saving his wife.

Movie Trailers

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Super – HD Movie Trailer

Super – Movie Trailer (Flash)
Super – Clip "Line Cutters" (Flash)

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