Third Person

[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and Adrien Brody star in writer/director Paul Haggis’ ensemble drama Third Person. Watch the movie trailer and view the photos and movie poster below. ‘Third Person’ tells three stories of love, passion, trust and betrayal, in a multi-strand story line reminiscent of Paul Haggis’s earlier Oscar-winning film…

The Grand Budapest Hotel

[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody and Tilda Swinton star in Wes Anderson’s comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel. Watch the movie trailer and see the poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel below. The story recounts the adventures of Gustave H (Fiennes), a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the…


[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Detachment Movie Trailer. Adrien Brody, Sami Gayle, Christina Hendricks, Lucy Liu and Marcia Gay Harden star in the indie drama Detachment. Watch the movie trailer below. From Tony Kaye, the director of American History X. Substitute teacher Henry Barthes (Brody) avoids any emotional connections by never staying anywhere long enough to form a…

Midnight in Paris

[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Movie Trailer for Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard and Michael Sheen star in Woody Allen’s latest romantic comedy. Watch the movie trailer for ‘Midnight in Paris’. A family, including a young couple, travels to Paris, France for business and have their lives transformed.


[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Watch the movie trailer for the biodrama ‘Hollywoodland’, starring Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Ben Affleck. ‘Hollywoodland’ recounts the life and mysterious death by suicide of George Reeves (Ben Affleck), star of the television series “Superman” (1951-1957), who died at age forty-two.


[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Watch the movie trailer for the sci-fi thriller ‘Predators’ starring Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne. A group of elite warriors are kidnapped and whisked away to the Predator home planet where they are hunted. ‘Predators’ stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, Oleg Taktarov, and Alice Braga.


[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] See Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley in the movie trailer for the sci-fi thriller ‘Splice’. Superstar genetic engineers Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) specialize in splicing together DNA from different animals to create incredible new hybrids. Now they want to use human DNA in a hybrid that could revolutionize science and…