The Bourne Identity

[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] The Bourne Identity Movie Trailer. Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Chris Cooper and Clive Owen star in the first installment of the Bourne film franchise. See the movie trailer, DVD and blu-ray special features for The Bourne Identity below. A man is washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, barely alive, suffering…

Killer Elite

[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Killer Elite Movie Trailer. Jason Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro star in the action-thriller. Watch the trailer for ‘Killer Elite’. An ex-special ops agent is lured out of retirement to rescue his mentor. To make the rescue, he must complete a near-impossible mission of killing three tough-as-nails assassins with a cunning…


[ad name=”468×60-text-film-ad”] Trust Movie Trailer. See Clive Owen and Catherine Keener in the movie trailer for the David Schwimmer-directed drama ‘Trust’. When Annie (Liana Liberato FX’s Sons of Anarchy), a 14-year-old girl, is seduced by an internet predator she knows only as “Charlie,” it tears apart her family. While her father (Clive Owen) becomes obsessed…

Duplicity Plans DVD, Blu-ray Release

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Duplicity starring Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti. The Tony Gilroy directed corporate spy caper will be available to own on August 25, 2009. You can view the Artwork and Extras below. ‘Duplicity’ is available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray.

Duplicity – Movie Trailer

Watch the trailer for the corporate espionage thriller ‘Duplicity’ starring ‘Closer’ co-stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. ‘Duplicity’ opens in theaters March 20, 2009. You can watch the trailer below. Synopsis: Oscar® winner Julia Roberts and Clive Owen reunite for “Duplicity,” from writer/director Tony Gilroy (seven-time Oscar®-nominated “Michael Clayton”).

Duplicity – Free Movie Screening

[ad#300×250-txt-bdy-ad]Win tickets for two to see an advance movie screening of the Julia Roberts, Clive Owen corporate espionage thriller ‘Duplicity’ before it opens in theaters March 20, 2009. The film stars Julia Roberts, Clive Owen (“Closer”), Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti.