The Internets Lied: Megan Fox NOT Offered 'Red Sonja'

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Megan FoxDamn you internets! You lied to your devoted and faithful once again. Good thing we didn't believe this one for a second. We all know the internet is a series of tubes that can't be trusted – case in point. The blogosphere is all a buzz with titillating news of Megan Fox being considered for the title role in 'Red Sonja'. But before the excitement grows further, her personal publicist has turned the situation by dismissing the possibility.

To Moviefone, the publicist simply said the news is "not true." Report that Fox has been offered a chance to play Red Sonja was first suggested by Pajiba. The site received information from an insider, The Hollywood Cog, who claimed Rose McGowan has been out of the project and filmmakers hoped Fox to fill the vacant position. Read the full article at Aceshowbiz

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