Very Good Girls

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Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen and Boyd Holbrook star in the coming-of-age indie drama Very Good Girls. Watch the movie trailer and view the movie poster below. Two New York City girls pact to lose their virginity during their first summer out of high school. When they both fall for the same street artist, the friends find their connection tested for the first time.

Very Good Girls movie poster
  • Release Date: July 25, 2014 (On Demand, Theaters)
  • Studio: Tribeca Film
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Director: Naomi Foner
  • Screenwriter: Naomi Foner
  • Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning, Boyd Holbrook, Demi Moore, Richard Dreyfuss, Peter Sarsgaard, Clark Gregg, Ellen Barkin, Kiernan Shipka
  • Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.
  • MPAA Rating: R for language and sexual content.

Plot Summary

Best friends Lily (Dakota Fanning) and Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen), home for one last New York summer, make a pact to lose their virginity before leaving for college. But when they both fall for the same handsome artist (Boyd Holbrook) and Lily starts seeing him in secret, a lifelong friendship is tested. With Demi Moore, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Barkin, Peter Sarsgaard, and Clark Gregg, and featuring new music by Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis.

Movie Trailers

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Photos and Posters

Very Good Girls movie poster

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