The Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Svetlana Khodchenkova, and Hiroyuki Sanada star in the action thriller The Wolverine. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has revealed the DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and Blu-ray 3D Extended Edition special features for the December 3 release. In the film, Logan/Wolverine travels to Japan and must protect Mariko (Okamoto), the sole heir of her gradfathers empire. Without the benefits of his mutant healing powers, Logan and Yukio (Fukushima) must rescue Mariko from Viper (Khodchenkova) and the adamantium plated Silver Samurai.

The Wolverine movie poster
  • Release Date: July 26, 2013 (2D, Digital 3D, RealD 3D)
  • Release Date: December 3, 2013 (DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D)
  • Studio: 20th Century Fox
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Sequel, Adaptation
  • Director: James Mangold
  • Screenwriter: Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback
  • Official Website:
  • Starring: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hal Yamanouchi, Famke Janssen
  • Running Time: 2 hrs. 6 min.
  • MPAA Rating: (PG-13) for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language.

Plot Summary

After the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan/Wolverine travels to Japan, when Mariko (Tao Okamoto), the sole heir of her gradfathers empire, is kidnapped by agents of her father, Japanese Yakuza boss Shingen Yashida (Hiroyuki Sanada). Without the benefits of his mutant healing powers, Logan and the battle ready sword fighter Yukio (Rila Fukushima) must rescue and protect Mariko from her half-brother Kenuichio Harada (Will Yun Lee) aka the Silver Samurai and the villainous Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova).

Bonus Features

  • DVD:
  • The Wolverine – Theatrical Cut
  • Inspiration – A Ronin's Journey
  • Blu-ray:
  • Alternate Ending
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past Set Tour
  • The Path of the Ronin – an immersive feature following the journey of a hero without a past
  • Sync with Wolverine Second Screen App for an interactive Second Screen experience
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Blu-ray 3D:
  • The Extended, Unrated Cut – the first for the X-Men franchise!
  • THE Wolverine Unleashed – more violent and hardcore than ever before
  • Alternate Ending
  • Audio Commentary by Director James Mangold (only on the unleashed extended)

Movie Trailers

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The Wolverine – A Ronin Story Featurette

The Wolverine – Movie Trailer 2

The Wolverine – Movie Trailer 1

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