Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

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Watch the movie trailer for the horror sequel Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, starring Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton, Jillian Murray and Sean Astin. A group of friends planned the perfect vacation in the Caribbean, but when they head ashore to explore a remote island, their ultimate bachelor weekend devolves into their worst nightmare. After an ill-fated swim in contaminated water, they stumble upon a seemingly abandoned research facility where a deadly, flesh-eating virus has been unleashed.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero movie poster
  • Release Date: August 1, 2014 (Theaters, iTunes)
  • Studio: RLJ/Image Entertainment
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sequel
  • Director: Kaare Andrews
  • Screenwriter: Jake Wade Wall
  • Official Website:
  • Cast: Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton, Jillian Murray, Mitch Ryan, Solly Duran, Lydia Hearst, Sean Astin, Currie Graham
  • Running Time: 1 hr. 31 min.
  • MPAA Rating: Not rated

Plot Summary

A bachelor party cruise ship unexpectedly runs ashore on a medical research island and a deadly virus is unleashed. When the group of friends start to show symptoms of a vicious flesh eating disease, the countdown is on to find a way to survive before the deadly outbreak consumes them all. As the chaos escalates, a mysterious and surprisingly unaffected stranger claims to hold the key to their escape. Will the terrified group survive or will this chance encounter lead them to their ultimate demise…

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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero – Movie Trailer

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