Jackson buried, Lady Gaga is Out, Eric Dane McSteamy tape online

Eric DaneMichael Jackson to be buried on his birthday. (CBS News)

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Lady Gaga strips down in Out magazine. (ABC News)

Grey's Anatomy Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart "McSteamy tape" hits the internet. (ABC News)

Mila Kunis says she's been dating Macaulay Culkin for seven years in the September issue of Women's Health. (People)

Robin Wright Penn files for divorce. (EW)

Nicole Kidman to appear on Project Runway: All-Star Challenge. (EW)

Atlanta Housewives's NeNe Reveals: I Was a Stripper. (People)

'Dancing With the Stars' new season cast revealed. (ABC News)

Paris Hilton doesn't owe 'Pledge This' investors $8 Million. (CBS News)

James McAvoy joins comedic adaptation of 'I'm With Cancer'. (Variety)

Josh Lucas and Terrence Howard to star in indie thriller 'Little Murder'. (Variety)

Steve Harvey is joining 'Good Morning America'. (Variety)

Kiss to release new album at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. (ABC News)

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