Michael Jackson Dies 1958-2009

imageArguably the world's most famous performer has died today. Pop icon Michael Jackson unexpectedly died Thursday in a Los Angeles hospital after going into cardiac arrest then slipping into a comma. Jackson was the brother of singers Janet Jackson and Jermaine Jackson and was the lead singer of 'The Jackson 5' as a child.

Known for his sequined white glove and signature moonwalk dance: Michael Jackson was the first African American to have his music videos shown prominently on MTV and had album sales that have surpassed 750 million. He was a 13-time Grammy winner and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice (as a solo performer and with The Jackson 5).

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Jackson's 1982 album, "Thriller" still is the top-selling album of all time, and he was the top performer in the world through much of the 1980s. An accident during the filming of a Pepsi TV commercial burned his scalp severely and led to a dependence on prescription pain killers.

He was married briefly to Elvis Presley's daughter, then to his dermatologist's assistant. Jackson was a father of three. He faced charges of child abuse but inconsistent testimony convinced the jury Jackson was not guilty.

Jackson has kept a largely low profile in recent years but in March, he announced he would perform a series of London concerts scheduled for July.

Michael Jackson was a singer, writer, producer, actor, artist and ground-breaker who shattered the race barrier around the world who also dominated the charts and dazzled even more on stage. He leaves legions of fans with an ongoing fascination with who many call the "King of Pop". Undoubtedly like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson will live forever through his music. RIP

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