Malin Akerman & Carla Gugino – Women's Health Magazine Cover

image'Watchmen' movie heroines Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino grace the March 2009 cover of "Women's Health Magazine." In the issue, Akerman and Gugino show off their physically fit physiques in two photo spreads.

Akerman tells the magazine about her experience filming the long-awaited 'Watchmen' movie and the physical discomfort of the latex clad Silk Spectre II outfit. In addition, the Swedish-born actress discusses her superhero fantasy. If she could be any superhero in real-life who would she be? The Dark Knight of course. Declaring Superman is "nerdy" and "boring." This despite admiting her favorite superhero power is the ability to fly.

Fans of 'The Heartbreak Kid' remake also get a bit of insight into her experience at the premiere of the 2007 Farrelly Brothers comedy. She dreaded viewing the nude scenes knowing everyone (including her parents) would see her naked onscreen.

Finally Akerman discloses how she became the lead singer of a rock band and why she abandoned the music biz to become a fulltime actor. You can pickup your very own copy of the March issue of "Women's Health" on news stands now.



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