Underworld 6: Kate Beckinsale's Possible Return

If you're a fan of blood-sucking vampires and ferocious werewolves locked in an eternal battle, get ready for some exciting news! Kate Beckinsale, the iconic actress known for her portrayal of Selene, is currently in talks to return for Underworld 6, the sixth installment of Screen Gems' Underworld franchise. Sony, the studio behind the vampire-vs-werewolf saga, is looking to breathe new life into the series, and Beckinsale's return would undoubtedly send fans into a frenzy.

The Everlasting Saga Continues

Underworld, the brainchild of Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux, and Danny McBride, first graced the silver screen back in 2003. The action-fantasy thriller introduced us to the dark and dangerous world of the Death Dealer Selene (Beckinsale), a vampire who finds herself caught in a endless war between vampires and werewolves called Lycans.

In the midst of the chaos, she unexpectedly falls in love with Michael, a human whose bloodline is sought after by the werewolves. Their forbidden love defies the boundaries of their worlds, forcing Selene to confront her loyalties and the power of their bond. Underworld (2003) was an unexpected hit for Sony's Screen Gems. The film grossed $95 million worldwide on a budget of just $22 million.

Blood Wars and Box Office Disappointment

The previous installment in the series, Underworld: Blood Wars, proved to be a financial disappointment, grossing just $81 million at the worldwide box office. Far less than the $160M bought in by Underworld: Awakening. With such a lackluster performance, it's no wonder that Screen Gems has been sluggish on continuing the franchise.

However, it's important to note that the box office performance isn't the only indicator of a film's overall success. A collection featuring all five films in the series have exceeded expectations in the home entertainment market. Physical media and digital sales of Underworld 5-Movie Collection have done very well on Blu-ray, 4K UHD and iTunes. It's a testament to the loyal fan base that continues to support the series beyond the theater experience.

Beckinsale's Potential Return

While discussions are still underway, the possibility of Kate Beckinsale slipping back into her black leather suit and brandishing those deadly silver weapons has fans buzzing with anticipation. Her embodiment of Selene has become synonymous with the franchise, captivating audiences with her fierce determination and undeniable presence. Beckinsale's involvement would undoubtedly add a layer of authenticity and nostalgia to Underworld 6.

A Director's Chair Awaits

As of now, the director's chair for Underworld 6 remains vacant. With no official announcement regarding the helmer of the upcoming film, fans can only speculate on who will take the reins. One thing is for sure: the chosen director will have the daunting task of maintaining the dark and gritty atmosphere that has defined the series.

The Future of Underworld

While we eagerly await the next chapter in Selene's saga, it's worth pondering the future of the franchise. Will Underworld 6 mark the end of the line, or will it open up new avenues for the blood-soaked universe to explore? Only time will tell. However, one thing is certain: fans will continue to be captivated by the intense battles, supernatural lore, and the timeless conflict between vampires and werewolves that Underworld has brought to life.

The possibility of Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as Selene in Underworld 6 has reignited the excitement for this beloved vampire-vs-werewolf franchise. With a mostly successful box office track record and the potential for new directions in storytelling, fans can't help but eagerly await the return of their favorite death-dealing vampire. As the pieces fall into place and the director's chair is filled, the Underworld Saga is sure to continue captivating audiences with its dark and supernatural allure. Brace yourselves, for the eternal battle between night and moon is far from over!

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