Dwayne Johnson is Shazam?

Dwayne Johnson ShazamDwayne Johnson teases his big comic book movie announcement! Rumours have long been circulating that Dwayne Johnson could play Lobo or the villain Black Adam, we’re pretty sure TotalFilm just nabbed the exclusive on who he’ll be playing.


While out promoting Hercules, Johnson revealed that he and DC are set to make a big announcement very soon (perhaps at Comic-Con), and that the character he’ll be playing “has the power of Superman.”

Comic fans will quickly put the clues together, and they all point to Shazam aka Captain Marvel – a DC movie that was first rumoured to be in development just last month.

“I will say this. There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce very soon that I’m going to play, and I’ll just say this: He has the power of Superman, and it’s not Green Lantern. He can throw down,” says Johnson. “Just say the word. That’s all I’m going to say.”

For the uninitiated, Captain Marvel tells the story of a young boy, Billy Batson, who’s granted the power to transform into a very Superman-like superhero called Captain Marvel. More importantly, he transforms into Captain Marvel by simply saying the word ‘Shazam’. Check out the full interview with Johnson below.



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