VFX Supervisor Joe Letteri Working on Man of Steel

Man of SteelIn 2013 you’ll believe a man can fly – again. Joe Letteri, Weta Digital’s Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, reveals that he’s working on Warner Bros. upcoming Superman film Man of Steel.

Best known for his Academy Award-winning work on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Avatar’, Joe Letteri recently discussed his latest projects including Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed Superman reboot.

Letteri says Zack Snyder plans to film as many practical effects (in-camera) as possible and denied the need for a CGI Superman to make the new Man of Steel fly. This would be a departure from the superhero’s previous incarnation in ‘Superman Returns’. Eleven effects studios created around 300 VFX shots including flying and close-ups of a digital Superman used throughout the film.

The effects guru believes that there are still many advances in portraying a human character flying left to be made. “I think it could still be refined,” says Letteri. You can read the entire interview over at The Playlist.


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