Everything We Know About Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The long-awaited 'Snyder Cut' of Justice League is almost here. Fans of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) have been waiting in anticipation to see director Zack Snyder's original intended cut of the film. Director Joss Whedon's (Marvel's Avengers) version of Justice League was heavily-edited and poorly received by fans and critics alike when it was released in theaters back in 2017. From there on, fans have obsessively pieced together footage and images, including the recent teaser trailer, in hopes of reconstructing what could have been. But fans still have unanswered questions.

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How Will The Snyder Cut Be Different From The Theatrical Version?

Despite what you may have read online, Justice League was not a box office flop. Warner Bros.' superhero adventure took in over $657 million at the worldwide box office. That made it the 14th highest grossing movie in 2017 just ahead of Logan. That said, a number of expensive reshoots and post production changes hurt the film's profitability and appeal to many fans of the DCEU. Here are some of the ways Zack Snyder's Cut will be different than the theatrical release.

  • Less humor. The 'Snyder Cut' will not include footage shot by Joss Whedon.
  • Zack Snyder said, Cyborg is the heart of Justice League. So expect more of Cyborg's origin story as an added bonus.
  • Expect New God baddie Steppenwolf and his army to get a digital makeover.
  • Aquaman (2018) made over 1 billion at the worldwide box office and Snyder cast Jason Momoa in the role. You can expect to see more of the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis in the 'Snyder Cut' of Justice League.
  • A different movie color palette. Zack Snyder plans to color-correct the movie back to the original color palette we saw in the 2017 trailer.
  • Superman's iconic black suit aka his "recovery suit" will appear in the film.
  • The Zack Snyder's Justice League teaser trailer revealed that Darkseid will indeed make an appearance and possibly take on a more prominent role. Find out more about Darkseid's live-action debut below.
  • The 'Snyder Cut' will restore unfinished footage of The Flash's love interest Iris West played by Kiersey Clemons.
  • Tom Holkenborg AKA Junkie XL will score the 'Snyder Cut'. Holkenborg will replace composer Danny Elfman who revived his 'Batman (1989)' score for the theatrical release.
Zack Snyder's Justice Darkseid

The Snyder Cut Has More Than One Villain

Darkseid, tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, will finally make his live-action movie debut and possibly take on a more prominent role in Zack Snyder's Justice League. DeSaad, loyal servant to Darkseid, will also make an appearance. He was revealed in the 'Snyder Cut' trailer that was released during DC FanDome. Steppenwolf, along with Darkseid's army of Parademons, will remain the central villain.

Justice League Snyder Cut Will Shoot New Footage

Initial reports suggested the 'Snyder Cut' would only use footage Zack Snyder shot before leaving the project due to a family tragedy. With an estimated $70 million budget, these reports suggested post production needed to finish visual effects, conduct a new score and to bring back actors to record additional dialogue. It has now been revealed that Snyder is set to conduct a week of additional filming to shoot brand new scenes. These reshoots are said to include original cast members Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as The Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Henry Cavill, who played Superman in the film, revealed that he was not asked to return for reshoots.

When Will The Snyder Cut Be Released, How to Watch, TV Rating?

The fabled 'Snyder Cut' will be released in four one-hour parts on WarnerMedia's streaming service HBO Max in 2021. In Canada, Zack Snyder's Justice League will premiere exclusively on Crave via Roku, Amazon Fire or Bell Canada. The television content rating is expected to be TV-14. Zack Snyder released the official teaser trailer at the DC Fandome event. You can watch the trailer below.

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