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Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos star in the parkour action thriller Tracers. Check out the movie trailer, poster and set photos below. New York City bike messenger Cam (Lautner) is in debt to an organized crime gang and becomes seduced by the world of parkour.

Tracers movie posterRelease Date: March 20, 2015
Studio: Saban Films
Genre: Action
Director: Daniel Benmayor
Screenwriter: Leslie Bohem, Matt Johnson, Kevin Lund, T.J. Scott
Cast: Taylor Lautner, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adam Rayner, Sam Medina
Running Time: 1 hr. 33 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for some intense violence, perilous action, sexual content and language.


New York City bicycle messenger, Cam (Taylor Lautner, "The Twilight Saga," "Abduction") is the hottest thing on two wheels, but is in debt to an organized crime gang. When he crashes his bike into a sexy stranger, Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos, The CW's "The 100"), Cam is immediately seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour.

Movie Trailers

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Photos and Posters

Trancers movie poster

Tracers movie photoTracers movie photoTracers movie photoTracers movie photoTracers movie photo


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