Justice League to Battle The Avengers 2 in 2015

photoWarner Bros. aims to fast track its live-action Justice League movie following the studio's legal victory to maintain its copyright stake in Superman, reports The LA Times.

On Wednesday, October 17, a Los Angeles federal judge legally denied the effort taken by heirs of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster to reclaim their 50% interest in the iconic superhero.

The court victory also makes it possible for Warner to feature key elements of the Superman mythos after 2013 and to make sequels to Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel if the picture is successful.

Warner plans to begin principal photography on Justice League in 2013 and release the highly anticipated DC team-up in the summer of 2015. The studio has yet to attach a director or cast the lead roles. The strategic release will pit Justice League against Marvel's The Avengers 2.

The epic superhero team-up Justice League is expected to bring together DC Comics most popular characters – a virtual who's who of superheroes featuring not only Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but also Green Lantern and The Flash to defeat the world's greatest threat.

Warner Bros. plan is to spin-off other superheroes into their own movies following Justice League.


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