'Man of Steel' Six Degrees of Ben Affleck

Is Warner Bros. Casting The New Superman Movie Around Actor Ben Affleck?
We doubt that director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel will have any similarities to the slow-moving drama Hollywoodland starring Ben Affleck as George Reeves, TV's Superman. But audiences may have an all new Six Degrees of Separation game by tracing the links between the all-star cast of 'Man of Steel' and actor-director Ben Affleck.

six degrees of superman

Man of Steel: Kevin Costner is Jonathan Kent, the father who raised Clark Kent as his own son.
The Connection: Kevin Costner plays Ben Affleck's blue-collar brother-in-law in the corporate downsizing drama 'The Company Men'.

Man of Steel: Diane Lane plays Martha Kent, the only mother Clark Kent has ever known.
The Connection: Diane Lane is Ben Affleck's wealthy older love-interest in the unsolved crime-mystery 'Hollywoodland'.

Man of Steel: Russell Crowe is reportedly in talks to play Superman's biological father Jor-El.
The Connection: In the political remake 'State of Play', Russell Crowe's plays an investigative reporter opposite Ben Affleck as a congressman neck-deep in controversy.

Man of Steel: Amy Adams plays the Daily Planet's ambitious star reporter Lois Lane.
The Connection: Amy Adams lends her voice to the canine comedy 'Underdog', opposite comic actor Jason Lee. Kevin Smith regulars Lee and Ben Affleck share the screen in both 'Chasing Amy' and 'Mallrats'.

Man of Steel: Henry Cavill takes on the daul role of Clark Kent/Superman, the iconic Man of Steel.
The Connection: Henry Cavill co-stars in 'The Count of Monte Cristo' with character actor Luis Guzmán. While brief, Guzmán appears in 'He's Just Not That Into You', an ensemble romantic comedy that includes Ben Affleck.

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